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The Significance and Benefits of External Wall Rendering

Interior Design Rendering Services Bristol

External wall rendering is one of the best methods to increase the value of your home. The external appearance of your home is the first thing noticed by any prospective buyer or even guests at your home. Thus, it’s crucial to ensure that it has curb appeal, particularly if the current façade is in poor […]

The Importance of Plastering in Home Improvement Projects

Plastering Contractors Near Me

When it comes to home improvement projects, plastering is an essential part of any job. Plastering contractors are professionals who specialize in the installation and repair of plaster. They have the expertise and skills to ensure that your walls and ceilings look beautiful and are structurally sound. They can help with a variety of projects, […]

What to expect on a residential project

With our living spaces being used more now than ever, many people have been looking at adapting or expanding the space they have and will have many questions as to what to expect when hiring a contractor to complete a residential project in their home.

Why appoint a contractor rather a sole trader for your project?

Many people will appoint different tradesman to fulfil different tasks. This can affect various elements of the project management including time and money. We have put together a list of reasons as to why using a contractor rather than a sole trader may provide you with a better service.

What to consider when choosing the right rendering solution for you

Sand & cement render Sand and cement is a traditional method of rendering that provides a smooth finish. Advantages: Usually the cheapest option, sand and cement is cost efficient due to the materials required. It can also be patched if needed as some renders cannot. Different effects can be created such as pebbledash and Tyrolean. […]

COVID 19 Restrictions and Guidelines

During these unprecedented times, I know many people are struggling to understand what is classed as essential work and does this include construction services?