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External wall rendering is one of the best methods to increase the value of your home. The external appearance of your home is the first thing noticed by any prospective buyer or even guests at your home. Thus, it’s crucial to ensure that it has curb appeal, particularly if the current façade is in poor shape or was constructed from a poor combination of materials. When you hire the best rendering company in Bristol, they can transform your property into a modern and energy-efficient residence through quality rendering. Whether you’re planning to sell your property or are designing the ideal family home, rendering can significantly boost the value of your property. They also provide interior design rendering services in Bristol.

The technique of rendering exterior walls involves applying render to external wall coverings to protect the building’s blocks or bricks. In order to prevent erosion or cracks in the render surface, it is typically coated with a thin coat of paint or another type of wall coating. If the outer walls of your building are rendered, you must maintain the wall covering properly to avoid instances of water infiltration and moisture penetrating through the render finish into the residence.

It gives contemporary dwellings a uniform appearance and conceals period properties with low-quality or mismatched brickwork. It comes pre-coloured or can be painted later. In order to enhance architectural character, render works well with wood cladding or exterior masonry paint. Additionally, you can also combine it with external wall insulation to increase energy effectiveness and reduce long-term heating costs.

For homes with solid walls, render options include a scratch coat of sand and cement, a more breathable, flexible polymer render, or other suitable materials including lime render, acrylic render, monocouche render, silicone render, and mineral render. Here are some of the common rendering solutions offered by the best rendering companies in Bristol:

Even if you live in a more modern home, there are plenty of solid reasons to consider rendering your property. However, if you have a large land area, it is not inexpensive for your house. Consider your options carefully, then select the appropriate type of rendering for your needs. Additionally, consider carefully what you want to achieve and whether you should insulate at the same time because it is an investment that will be on your wall for a number of years. It is also important to conduct some research to find the best rendering companies in Bristol. These companies use quality products and rendering techniques to provide efficient and quality results for your project.